COVID-19 Update 12/3/2020

Bay View COVID update 12/3/2020

Pending cases: 0

NEW Confirmed Cases (This number includes residents and staff who worked in the facility during their infectious period): 0

Total Confirmed Cases: (5 Staff Members, 5 Residents)

Deaths r/t virus: 0

Three or more residents or staff with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours: No

Visitation will be suspended until there are no new positive COVID-19 cases within the facility for 14 days.

All residents on 3W were tested for COVID today (except for our COVID-positive residents) and all were undetected for COVID using our Point-of-Care Antigen testing.


EXCITING Vaccine Update!! We have partnered with Walgreens to be able to offer COVID vaccinations to our staff and residents. The COVID vaccination is coming quickly, and Bay View is getting prepared! We will be reaching out in the next few weeks to residents and resident family contacts to see if this is something you would like for your loved one. Here is how you can learn more:

We have identified a few ways you can start to prepare:

  1. Watch This Webinar
    We want to provide you with as much information as we can to help you feel supported and prepared. Simply follow this link. In the webinar, Ruth Link-Gelles, PhD, Lieutenant Commander from the CDC, answers frequently asked questions and a Walgreens Pharmacy Leader provides a view into the upcoming clinic process.
  2. Vaccination Administration Record
    Prior to immunization, each resident (or their healthcare proxy) must sign (or annotate in place of signature) the consent section (section C) of the Vaccination Authorization Record (VAR). We recommend your community/facility begins this process with your standard protocols as soon as possible.
  3. Resident & Family Clinic Handout (attached)
    We understand that people may feel hesitant about getting the novel COVID-19 vaccine. The handout provides information about the vaccine and the process to help inform and encourage residents/patients to get immunized.

    1. COVID19_Vaccine_ResidentHandout_WhatToExpect_Guide
    2. COVID19_Vaccine_ResidentHandout_WhatToExpect_Guide_Spanish