COVID-19 Update 03/05/2021


Pending cases: 0

NEW Confirmed Cases (This number includes residents and staff who worked in the facility during their infectious period): 0

Total Confirmed Cases (Number Includes Active and Recovered): (43 Staff Members, 63 Residents)

Total Deaths r/t virus: 12

Bay View is open for visitation!!! Please see below for scheduling and visitation details!

COVID Visitor Policy and Procedure

For visitors who are planning to visit this weekend, if there is no door attendant at the staff entrance you may use the 2E entrance through the gated area. Staff will screen you there. Thank you for your patience.


To view the COVID-19 Immunization Zoom Question and Answer Session with Dr. Wilcox for our Bay View staff, please click the link below! 😊…n-things-to-know/