Serving with our hearts

to create a better today

for those in our care.

Bayview Nursing and Rehabilitation

Working closely with your physician, family, and other healthcare providers, Our team creates an individualized care program. Bay View's medical team monitors your health and quickly adjusts your care plan as needed. Our facility has dedicated post-acute units with private rooms and a separate dining area for rehab residents. We excel in complex services, including ventilator and respiratory care. Because of our trusted relationship with the area's acute-care providers and healthcare networks, we can accept most patients with complex medical needs at any time of the day or week. We have a well-earned reputation for successfully transitioning patients back home or to a lower level of care.

OUR values:



  • Working with the residents to individualize care
  • Working with our guests to give what we can
  • Working with our co-workers to give our best
  • Working with our volunteers to give more
  • Working with external resources to give more than we can


  • Empowering the residents and guests to ask for what they want
  • Empowering our co-workers to learn more and be their best
  • Empowering ourselves to be better every day


  • Being compassionate to every resident, every need, every moment
  • Being compassionate to our guests and their perspective
  • Being compassionate to our co-workers and their needs
  • Being compassionate towards ourselves


  • Greet every person, every time, with the warmest welcome
  • Aim to make every moment a lasting experience
  • Offer what is wanted before it has to be asked for
  • Genuinely serving another the way they want to be served

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